Keeping Our Communities Healthy Champions Awards

This annual award will be given out to several nominated community leaders and organizations who are making a difference and improving systems around food, food access, nutrition and healthy communities.   Regional nominees are awarded at the end of the year regional conferences in October.  Each nominee must have demonstrated improving one of the following systems below: 

1-Food, Food Access & Nutrition-Healthy foods, nutrition education & promotion, healthy cooking classes, healthy diets (eating vegan, organic etc.), food insecurity/hunger, innovative food distribution & outreach to include summer meals, senior meals, improving food systems, school breakfast, school lunch, school nutrition, food deserts, increasing access to affordable fresh fruits & vegetables and other healthy foods, food healing, affordable grocery stores, healthy grocery stores, promotion of agriculture, farmers, farmer’s markets, community & school gardens, urban gardens.

2-Healthy Communities & Built Environment-Preventable chronic disease prevention and education that relates to diet (obesity, cancer, diabetes, heart disease & stroke etc.), mobile health outreach, healthy stores, restaurants & food trucks, exercise & physical fitness promotion, healthy living lifestyle programs, increasing parks & recreation, smart cities & green spaces.

3-Volunteerism, Philanthropy, Research, Advocacy & Public Policy Efforts-Corporate or group volunteerism projects, funding of community projects or initiatives, advocacy and public policy efforts which support or promote food, food access, nutrition or healthy communities.  

A nomination committee will review all nominations based on information submitted.  Nine finalists will be selected from the SE Texas region and 3 will be awarded.  All nominees must be able to attend the awards ceremony in October.  Final nominees will be contacted by Hunger Free Texans.

For more info on nominating criteria please email us:

Programs and Initiatives

Farmers Market University (FMU) is a program presented by Hunger Free Texans in collaboration with The Texas Department of Agriculture's Go Texan Program.  The goal of the program is to provide awareness, outreach, education, technical assistance services and research to assist in the development, improvement, and expansion of farmers markets in Texas.  

Farmers Market University also provides awareness and education on the need for community and school supported agriculture programs and creates awareness on the need for affordable healthy food access which may help improve health outcomes.

Food, Nutrition, & Healthy Communities

The Eat Healthy

Prescription Program

The Eat Healthy Prescription Program is an effort to get healthcare providers and professionals to encourage their patients to eat healthy to stay healthy.  Physicians and allied health professionals write a patient a prescription for fresh fruits and vegetables with the hope that the patient will go to their local grocery store or farmers market and pick up these prescribed healthy foods.  The allied health professional can also prescribe exercise for the patient such as walking, running, biking or gym attendance which encourages the patient to be physically active to stay healthy. 

To participate in this program and receive “free” Eat Healthy Prescription Pads: