HFT is governed by a Board of Directors and seeks input and advisement from a steering committee of the community.  Currently, these organizations are: United Healthcare, Houston Food Bank, University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB), Harris County Community Services, Houston Independent School District, I2Finstitute for Holistic Living, University of Houston-TORC and Baylor University-Texas Hunger Initiative.

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Food, Nutrition, & Healthy Communities

Our Misson & Strategy

The Hunger Free Texan's  mission is keeping members of the public well by reducing hunger and increasing health and nutrition in Texas through collective impact and education. 

​Hunger Free Texans, a statewide nonprofit corporation, works to improve systems that relate to food, food access, nutrition, and healthy community topics that relate to diet, by convening, connecting and educating individuals and organizations that serve the public on the latest news, information, best practices and research.  

Hunger Free Texan's statewide strategy is a holistic strategy of convening, collaboration and education.  Historically, organizations that serve the public (nonprofits, government, healthcare, education, business) have worked in silos.  To ensure success in the nonprofit/public sector industry, organizations must educate themselves on what others in their industry are doing (best practices) in order to stay competitive and efficient, but more importantly, to continuously improve their capacity and quality of services for the people they serve.  The result of collaboration helps to design a better roadmap for services within a community.  Hunger Free Texans uses its 6 regional conference hubs as connectors of information, strategic partnerships and synergy for our network thus building healthy communities and ultimately a healthier Texas.

In addition to providing news and information to our network of over 2000 organizations, Hunger Free Texans also actively advocates for services that serve the public good for Texans both statewide and nationally.

What We Do In A Nutshell:

Hunger Free Texans is the largest educator of food, food access and food insecurity information in Texas..   We educate over 1200 diverse public and private sector organizations each year.  Our education focuses on the connection between food, food access, a healthier diet and health outcomes.  We bring in the topic experts, create the agendas, and convene organizations that serve the public good.  This education is provided through free regional conferences held  across the state each year.  We also host the largest Healthy Communities conference in the Southwest.U.S.




Founded in January of 2012, Hunger Free Texans (HFT) provides collective impact synergy around the pressing issues of food access/food insecurity, better nutrition and overall wellness.  Hunger Free Texans believes that lasting, meaningful impact can only be made through macro level collaboration, education and information sharing.

Hunger Free Texans began as a hunger and health coalition in Jan 2012 and convened its first regional conference in in March 2012 in Houston, Texas.  The coalition of nonprofits and other vested community stakeholders began with 50 organizations.  Today, over 2000 organizations have subscribed or attend our conferences on a regular basis.   

Hunger Free Texans officially formed in May 2014 as a nonprofit corporation recognized by the State of Texas. I2fInstitute for Holistic Living, a tax exempt organization, is currently Hunger Free Texan's fiscal sponsor until Hunger Free Texans receives its 501(c)(3) tax exempt status from the IRS.